Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

As a family business due to the ongoing concerns at this difficult time 
Full house clearances will be given top priority to assist families

Hoarder Property Clearance in Byker, Newcastle

We we called on to help a family clear their Uncles home after he went into residential care. The property was a 1 bedroom ground floor flat, situated in the Byker area of Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

The property was excessively filled with personal possessions which needed to be sorted through carefully as there was important documents & photographs mixed in.

All wood, paper, metal was segregated for recycling and all general rubbish was disposed at a local waste transfer station which burns the rubbish to produce electricity.


1 Bedroom Ground Floor Flat

Volume Cleared

48 Cubic Yards

Time Onsite

2.5 Days

Weight Cleared



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