3 Bedroom Cluttered Property Clearance In Fulwell, Sunderland

" A tremendous job done and a house transformed. When a close relative died recently I was left with the job of clearing out his house which sadly was in a dreadful state. I was completely over whelmed by the task ahead UNTIL I spoke to David Mawson. Together we did a thorough look around the house and from the start his friendly manner and professionalism filled me with confidence. The difficult and challenging task was completed in a few days and the house was transformed. A miracle! I would heartily recommend Mawsons to anyone faced with the daunting situation I was Thank you so much David and Josh!! " - William Taggart


3 Bedroom House

Volume Cleared

 48 Cubic Yards

Time Onsite

3 Days

Weight Cleared

Seaburn is a seaside resort and northeastern suburb of Sunderland, North East England. The village of Whitburn borders the area to the north. To the west and south-west is Fulwell and to the south the coastal resort of Roker.

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